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Hope you are well.

Here is my review….

So its taken me 2 weeks to get use to this hair and after co washing it a few times the hair is less shiny and blends with my hair perfect! (believe me my hair was not dry the hair was suuuper shiny at first)

The quality and texture of the hair is amazing!! So much so that even my mum didnt realise i was wearing a weave!!!

I am very happy with the service i received and initially when i had concerns about the hair, my mind was put at ease by Jacqui.

Just wanted to say thank you very much because now i can rest my afro hair and have fabulous hair which is very low maintenance!! (leave in conditioner and water in a spray bottle daily)

Jacqui is very professional and i would definately recommend hairextensionnaires!! (also considering buying another pack to really rock a big fro!!!)

Anyway enough of me waffling on!!!

Thanks again!!! Xx


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I have just received my hair and I am lost for words. I have ran my fingers through the hair and I now get why you love this hair so much. I love the fact that it’s not silky, its a perfect blend to my own hair. It looks so healthy too. Thank you for finding this peruvian hair texture. Its beautiful.

As I was running my finger through the hair I was imagining myself in peruvian micro rings. Oh ms Jacqui you are going to make me bankrupt . I have the brazillian on now but it has to make way for the peruvian.

Oh my boss is coming, I better stop now. Thanks so much. The ring was a perfect fit this time around ( you actually listen, thanks ) and the bendy rollers are a perfect addition to the first packet you sent. You are such a darling. Thanks.


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Just letting you know that i recieved the hair extentions and i am loving them, im feeling like some goddess right now loooool. anyways thanks ever so much and in the future i plan to buy more!


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I have been watching your site for quite a while and was impressed with the videos that I saw as I can see the quality of the hair that you provide looked good I emailed you a couple of months ago and received a quick response from you then I called on another occasion to purchase hair but at the time you did not have the item in stock I came of the phone and was impressed with your customer service as I thought that was refreshing to speak to someone who is passionate about there product I finally bought 2 bundles of hair and a closure from you last week and I now have the hair installed which is beautiful by the way and I have also taken your advice to purchase the correct conditioners to maintain the beauty of the hair I just wanted to come on here to recommend your company and the excellent service that I received from yourself keep up the good work


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We received the order today. We will definitely be ordering in the future and we will inform all our friends of your excellent and reliable customer service. Both my daughter and I are pleased with both the product and the service. We considered it important to give you this feedback. p>


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For years I have suffered from hair loss and associated problems. You treated me with respect and kindness and now I can walk with confidence and a smile on my face.  I cant thank you enough.


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You are a magician! I feel like a superstar after coming to you.


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I cant thank you enough jacqui, i had real hair issues before I came to you and now i feel like a head turner for all the right reasons!


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The hair quality is brilliant and works along side my own hair. I platt it at night and in the morning I get up and go! So happy i found you! This method is such good value as my hair has lasted me 6 months imagine that!


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I am so happy with your micro ring method. I will never ever go back to having a sew in weave.

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