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Some women tend to make this statement:- “I CAN NEVER AFFORD IT SO I HAVE TO FORGET THAT”!

“NEVER SAY NEVER ! WHY BELITTLE YOURSELF???”!! Instead why not aim to have the wonderous feeling from within that all my clients have by setting yourself a realistic goal and fulfilling it!..No matter what materialistic item it is you want in life ..why not try hard to turn your dreams into reality??? If you don’t have strong ‘will power’ then you may have to forget it as some people never aim higher in life…


* Let’s base a scenario on a girl that usually buys some cheap dodgy non descriptive styrene type curl pattern hair that lasts 4 to 8 weeks..or abit longer if she’s lucky!

*She then does it again and again and again wasting pure money on the long run and rocking hair that she’s not so proud to own..THE HAIR DOES NOT TALK BY ITSELF TO ANYBODY COS IT’S CRAP! LMAO!!

*She uses three bundles of say a 16” and two bundles of 18” and she got it cheap for £....170.00 (Don’t forget in a next 4 to 8 weeks she will again be spending a next £170.00 so in 3 months she has already spent £340 now she’s already paid more than she would have even paid at ‘hairextensionaires’! MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL!!!)

*If she had just gone to ‘hairextensionaires’ in the first place and brought the ‘brazilian deep curly hair’ then the total she would have spent would have been £280.00 (£90+£95+£95).

So if she then took out the “Hairextensionaires lay away plan” which is on the website shop and spent £100 deposit. She would be left with £180.00 to raise..

If she shared that between 3 months she would then easily afford the hair as that’s just £60.00 that she needs to save a month! On final payment she will then have the hair of her dreams and walk around with ‘PURE PRIDE & CONFIDENCE AND ROCK IT ALL YEAR! ’ Make your dreams a reality!! Stop wasting money!!! Aim higher in life!

Also please note as some people still do not realise that Heat Styling is a leading cause in damaged #hair and #hairextensions. Every time you use Heat it cracks hair’s cuticle and withdraws moisture—leaving your hair dry and brittle.

Chemicals can and will also seriously damage your hair to the point of no return if you don’t take care of it.

Relaxers are CHEMICALS!

Bleaching is CHEMICALS!

Hair Dye is CHEMICALS!

Swimming in Salt water is a natural abrasive. If salt is left in the hair for too long then it can rub away at the cuticles and also the scalp causing damage and hair loss.

Salt also draws out water. It is dehydrating when used excessively.

So again salt in the hair can cause dryness.

It also strips hair of oil and can take off the

outer keratin coating of the hair, as it can break down protein bonds, leading to excessive dryness.

When you use this, you’re hair is more susceptable to damage. PERIOD!!

However correct maintenance is the key!!;o)



Posted on 6th Jun 2013 20:39:35

Tags: fashion.